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Georgia On Our Mind

Rodriguez Strategies Senior Associate Brian Hernandez spent the New Year's holiday in Atlanta, Georgia where he joined forces with the Georgia Democratic Party and nonprofit organization Georgia Familia Unidas to drive LatinX voter turnout in the Georgia U.S. Senate races.

Brian joined other local activists to connect with voters in heavily Latino populated counties throughout the suburbs of Northeast Georgia to discuss the significance of the race and turn out the vote.

“Fighting to win these seats was in some sense more important than the Biden-Harris win,” said Brian. “Yes, Democrats won the Presidency and maintained control of the House, but a Republican-controlled Senate would mean gridlock, not progress, in Washington.”

The 1996 Olympic games helped change the demographics of the city. Atlanta saw an influx of migration from Mexicans and Central Americans in search of construction jobs. Many stayed and later worked in poultry plants in what is now the poultry capital of the world. Many of these plants line Highway 85 into Gainesville, GA and is where Brian and the team focused their outreach efforts. They also distributed PPE to workers along with voter information and held multiple “Tamales & Tacos to the Polls “ events to bring people out to discuss the importance of the races and encourage them to vote.

Rodriguez Strategies is proud of Brian and his commitment to winning elections through grassroots organizing. Congratulations to Georgia’s two newest U.S. Senators, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.


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