Local Public Affairs

As former House Speaker “Tip” O’Neill said, “all politics is local.”  Each day, our team personally reviews municipal, county, and state agendas for developments in public policy that directly or indirectly affect our clients. Our meticulous ear-to-the-ground tracking gives our clients the opportunity to strategize at the inception of the legislative process. In addition to agenda monitoring, we closely track articles, media coverage, and public statements for every city and county in California and package the information into useful reports for our clients.

When a local policy issue comes up, where do you start?

Issue Advocacy

Trends in public policy often begin at the municipal level and quickly escalate to regional and statewide movements. We build thoughtful coalitions to leverage the support of community members and engage stakeholders to compound our clients’ political influence. We mobilize these allies to influence decision makers and organize individuals, organizations and businesses to advocate for or against an issue.




Campaign Management

Effective campaigns are anchored by a custom-made strategy and bolstered by aggressive tactics and detailed timelines. Too many campaigns veer from one approach to another, overreacting to every bump in the road. Our team begins engagements by defining the desired result and works backwards to determine the actions necessary to achieve success. Then we execute.