Extended KPCC AirTalk: Live analysis of Trump announcing withdrawal from Paris climate accord

Our CEO & Founder, Matt Rodriguez, is a regular contributor on KPCC's AirTalk with Larry Mantle. This afternoon, Matt joined the extended discussion on President Trump's announcement regarding the Paris Climate Accord. 

To listen to the full segment on KPCC's website, please click here

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that the U. S. will withdraw from the Paris global climate pact, the historic 195-country anti-global warming agreement, but added that the U.S. will begin negotiations to re-enter a climate agreement. It fulfills a longstanding campaign promise, despite global and internal pressures to remain in the treaty.

The historic global agreement, reached in 2015, set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting the rise in average global temperatures.

During a news conference Thursday in the Rose Garden at the White House, Trump said the withdrawal is aimed at keeping his campaign promise to put American workers first — but he also added that the U.S. would begin negotiations to possibly re-enter the Paris accord or a similar deal that, he said, would result in a better deal for American workers.

"The agreement is a massive redistribution of United States' wealth to other countries," Trump said. "It's to give their country an economic edge over the United States. That's not going to happen as long as I'm president, I'm sorry."

He later added: "Our withdrawal from the agreement represents a reassertion of American workers' sovereignty."...(continue reading)