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Adam J. Schiff is a Vice President at Rodriguez Strategies

Adam J. Schiff has worked at the forefront of national and California politics, fundraising, strategic communications, and philanthropy for more than 15 years. He specializes in political and donor organizing and has worked with some of the top elected officials and organizations in the country.

Most recently, Adam managed Southern California as Finance Director for the presidential campaign of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). As the sole California-based staff on the campaign, he oversaw fundraising, organizing, and political efforts in the region. Prior to joining the Gillibrand Campaign, he served as Director of Western Regional Operations for J Street in the 2018 cycle, overseeing staff in Oakland, Los Angeles and Denver and managing political and advocacy organizing efforts for the Washington, D.C.-based organization.


In 2016, Adam joined Strategies 360, a leading Western public affairs firm, as Senior Vice President and opened its first office in California. Adam previously worked for Legendary Entertainment as Senior Director of Government and Philanthropic Affairs, designing and implementing strategies to further the interests of the company and its leadership team and the community at large. In 2004, Adam co-founded the political consultancy Noah Mamet & Associates (NMA) with former U.S. Ambassador to Argentina Noah Mamet, spending 11 years at the firm as a client lead as it grew from a two-person team to an organization with two offices and a staff of seven. At NMA, Adam advised clients in industries as varied as space exploration, clean energy, banking, hospitality, real estate, and media on issues related to national and local politics and philanthropy. Adam got his start in national politics working for former House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt (D-MO), serving first as his finance assistant at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and then as regional finance director on his 2004 Presidential Campaign.


Adam holds a B.A. in political science from the University of Pennsylvania. He served as a member of the Democratic National Committee’s Credentials Committee in 2012 and Platform Committee in 2008. He is a current Board Member of the Social Impact Fund. Adam lives in Los Angeles with his wife Natasha and their two young sons, Jason and Ryan.

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